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Psychological Assessments in Legal Proceedings

I have worked as an Expert Witness since 2007 in London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire, conducting psychological assessments of adults to assist the Court. I have built up good working relationships with Solicitors who regularly instruct me and I have given evidence in Family Court, and Criminal Court, including at the High Court. My main areas of work are as follows:

  • Civil Cases (Claimant, Defendant and Jointly Instructed) in personal injury and medical negligence
  • Family Cases in risk, parenting capacity, family dynamics and treatment recommendations
  • Criminal cases (Defense and Prosecution) in risk assessments, fitness to plead/stand trial, suggestibility and presentencing reports

Why Psychological Assessment is Helpful

Psychological assessments are particularly helpful to the Court as they include objective, standardised psychometric assessment that enables an individual’s functioning in a variety of areas to be compared to the data of comparison populations. Specific psychometric tests cover areas such as psychological attributes known to be associated with the abuse of children, malingering, parenting stress, parental alliance, trauma, cognitive functioning, treatment planning and prognosis for change.

In my work as an Expert Witness I adhere to the MoJ Practice Directions, including the proposed guidelines from the Family Justice Council and the British Psychological Society for a new code of conduct for Psychologists within the Family Courts. I am regulated by the HCPC and I adhere to all BPS guidelines. I take account of the International Test Commission Guidelines on the use of psychometric tests.

I keep up to date with research and writing on my subject areas, and I regularly write for publication. I have recently written two chapters on parenting capacity (See my CV).

Key Features of my service as an Expert Witness:

  • I adhere to hourly rates set out by the Legal Aid Agency in December 2013
  • Reports provided within 3 to 6 weeks of the letter of instruction being received. Every attempt would be made to meet very tight deadlines if necessary
  • All reports are proof-read
  • Prior to instruction, a full estimate of costs and hours will be provided, so that there will be no hidden costs
  • After the report has been produced additional questions and points of clarification will be answered at no extra cost
  • Psychological assessments will be broad-based, using clinical interview, observation, and evidence-based, standardised psychometric tools
  • I use regular supervision
  • I am experienced in conducting assessments using an interpreter

An example report is available on request.